Rogma graduates in Liberia display their new diplomas.

Rogma International, Inc. is a global ministry whose purpose is to win lost souls to Christ by providing missionaries, national pastors and other interested individuals with tools that will help them promote and disseminate sound, clear Bible teaching. Our Free Bible Correspondence Courses have equipped saints around the world with an effective means of enhancing and enlarging their ministries.

Free Bible Correspondence Course

Our Free Bible Correspondence Course ministry is comprised of different courses offering multiple lessons. For each course, there are two versions available online. First, our standard English version; and secondly, a Special English version for students using English as a second language.

Many of our lessons are available in paper format various languages such as Spanish, Arabic, Hindi, Portuguese, Bangla and Chinese. If you are interested in any of our courses in a particular language, please contact us.

If you would like to study a course and earn a Certificate of Accomplishment, Certificate of Achievement, or a Diploma, we ask that you register in advance. Your registration will enable us to grade your exams and provide you with feedback.